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Get medical support for anxiety and depression crises

What is anxiety?

All people periodically experience fear and anxiety.

Fear is an emotional, physical, and behavioral response to an immediately recognizable external threat (eg, an intruder, a runaway car).

Anxiety is an upsetting and uncomfortable emotional state of nervousness and worry; its causes are less clear. Anxiety is less connected with the exact moment of the threat; it can be anticipatory, before the threat, persist after the threat has ceased, or occur with no identifiable threat. Anxiety is often accompanied by physical changes and behaviors similar to those caused by fear.

Generalized anxiety disorder is common, affecting about 3% of the population in a 1-year period. Women are twice as likely to be affected as men. The disorder usually begins in childhood or adolescence, but it can begin at any age.

Source: MSD Family Handbook

What is depression?

The term depression is often used to refer to any one of several depressive disorders. Some are classified inDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) for specific symptoms:

  • Major depressive disorder (often called major depression)

  • Distúrbio persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia)

  • Other specific or non-specific depressive disorder

Others are classified by etiology:

  • Distúrbio premenstrual dysphoric

  • Distúrbio depressive disorder due to another medical condition

  • Distúrbio substance/medication-induced depression

Depressive disorders occur at any age, but typically develop in the mid-teens, third or fourth decade of life.

In the primary care setting, up to 30% of patients report depressive symptoms, but < 10% have major depression.

Source: MSD Family Handbook

Can I get prescriptions, medical statements or test orders at this appointment?

Yup. Through this consultation, you can obtain an electronic prescription for medications and/or clinical examinations considered necessary and adequate, medical certificate. At the end of the online consultation, the necessary electronic prescriptions are issued, they are sent directly to your email.

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