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The cookie is a small information file that is automatically placed on Users' computers and mobile devices when they access websites. Luz Saúde Group websites use cookies only for 1 session, namely for:

  • Save the language;

  • Save the unit;

  • Save the type of access device;

  • Submit questionnaires.

The process of collecting elements through cookies is carried out in accordance with the standard security procedures and practices in this type of tool.

What is a cookie?

In addition to the cookies mentioned above, specific to the Dr.Click website, we also use:

  • Cookies set by Google Analytics send data only to the server where the domain is installed, which makes them property of that domain;

  • This data cannot be changed or retrieved by any service or by another domain;

  • The information obtained through these means does not allow establishing any relationship at the level of the users' IP address for the purpose of verifying personal data.

You can consult additional information about data collection by Google Analytics this page🇧🇷

Are there other types of cookies?

Cookies from social networks, specifically from Facebook, are also used for the purpose of sharing content.

You can consult information about data processing and cookies policy from Facebook this page🇧🇷

Social network cookies

Cookies are also used to store data related to the preferences for viewing and using the website by the user. For example, allow or block location access.

personalization cookies

  • Most browser programs are set to accept cookies, although it is possible to configure the browser to refuse all cookies (see below) or to indicate when a cookie is being sent;

  • The user can configure his browser to inform whenever a cookie is received or even deactivate its acceptance. However, we warn that this may partially affect the use of some of the website's functionalities, not having an improved and personalized navigation;

  • If your browser's privacy setting is set to “High”, you will not be able to access some of the features and you may be prevented from fully using all the features of our websites or applications. To resolve this issue, please add our Internet address to the list of allowed websites in your browser's privacy settings.

Dr.Click reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice and with immediate effect, to change, add or revoke, partially or totally, this Cookies Policy.

However, whenever relevant changes are made to the user in terms of cookies, this information will be displayed so that, depending on the type of cookie in question, the user can access the information and/or consent to its use and storage.

Cookies and your browser

You can change your cookie preferences on the Dr.Click website when you first access it.

How to change cookie preferences?

Cookie Policy

On the Dr.Click website, cookies are used to ensure an adequate user experience. The information obtained has no other use.

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