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Online Medical Assessment for Recreational Sailing (€35)

Do you need a medical evaluation to obtain or renew  your sailor license or coastal master and local captain?

what you need to know

What is the medical certificate for pleasure sailing?

A medical certificate for recreational boating is a document that certifies that the applicant is in good physical and mental condition to operate recreational boats in Portugal. This document is obtained after carrying out a specific medical evaluation for recreational navigation purposes, which includes a summary neurological evaluation of applicant.

Who should obtain a certificate for recreational navigation?

A medical certificate is required by law for all recreational sailors in Portugal. It must be obtained before starting the navigation course and at each renewal of the license already issued (when requested or required).

What is needed in the consultation?

– Identification document (citizenship card, passport or residence permit).

– If you use glasses to drive or see in the distance, you must indicate this to the doctor so that the corresponding code is entered in the certificate.

- Have a smartphone or computer with the applicationWhatsappou zoom installed (free registration). Alternatively, you can use Google Meeting or a direct link sent to the Customer's email.

Do I need attestation from any other health professional?

Only a few browsers require evaluation by another specialty. If you have any physical or mental condition that is not apparent, you must inform the doctor for your own safety in the practice of the activity. The doctor can always request the opinion of another specialty, with the issuance of the certificate being suspended until it is sent by the Client.

When do I receive the certificate?

After the successful medical evaluation, the certificate is sent directly to the Customer's e-mail, containing a certified digital signature. It usually takes just a few minutes.

How is the query done?

The doctor will ask you for some general health information, such as whether you have allergies, your usual medication. Then a summary neurological examination will be carried out, in which the Client must stand in front of the camera and follow the doctor's instructions. At the end, all the necessary data for issuing the certificate are confirmed again, which will then be sent to the Customer's e-mail.

What is the validity of the certificate?

Is a certificate also required for renewals of already issued navigator licenses?

Yes. The navigator must submit the medical certificate of physical and mental robustness together with the remaining documentation [paragraph 3 of article 37 of the Legal Regime of Recreational Boating].

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