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Medical Assessment for Driving (IMT electronic system)

Do you need to renew or transfer your driving license?



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what you need to know

What is the Electronic Attestation for Driving (IMT)

The electronic medical certificate is required for the purposes of transcribing (transferring) driving licenses from other countries to Portugal and also for renewing the Portuguese driving license at key ages defined by law or for obtaining a driving license for the first time.

Who should get the electronic driving certificate

– Drivers with a foreign license who want to make the transition to a Portuguese license.

– Drivers over 50 years old, at each renewal.

– Professional or special vehicle drivers (e.g. UBER, taxi, ambulances, school vehicles, heavy vehicles).

– Driving students.

What is needed in the consultation?

– Identification document (citizenship card, passport or residence permit).

– Driving license to be transferred or renewed (if applicable).

– Registration with the National Health Service (you must register with your local Portuguese health center).

– Portuguese tax number

– Portuguese address

– If you use glasses to drive or see in the distance, you must indicate this to the doctor so that the corresponding code is entered in the certificate.

- Have a smartphone or computer with the applicationWhatsappou zoom instaladas (free registration). Alternatively, you can use Google Meeting or a direct link sent to the Customer's email.

Do I need a psychological (psychotechnical) certificate?

Only some drivers need this certificate. Confirm on the official page of the Institute of Mobility and Transport (here).

When do I receive the certificate?

After the successful medical evaluation, the certificate is sent directly to the IMT and a copy is sent to the Customer's email. It usually takes a few minutes.

How is the query done?

The doctor will ask you for some general health information, such as whether you have allergies, your usual medication. Then a summary neurological examination will be carried out, in which the Client must stand in front of the camera and follow the doctor's instructions. At the end, all the necessary data for issuing the certificate are confirmed again, which will then be sent to the IMT and to the Customer's e-mail.

I want to get endorsement 997 for TVDE (e.g. Uber driving) and I have a driver's license from another country

To request the TVDE endorsement (code 997) you must carry out the Medical Assessment and obtain the electronic certificate to proceed with the transfer of your driving license before adding code 997 (TVDE), in accordance with the rules of theIMT

I have categories C, D and/or E on my original driving license

Drivers with driving licenses from other countries and who wish to keep their group 2 categories, will need to send the psychotechnical certificate. You can send it before or after the Medical Assessment of Drivers. 

How to make the payment?

We offer various payment methods:

  • Bank Card (debit or credit)

  • PayPal

  • MBWay (you must identify the customer name for which the appointment was made)

  • IBAN


You should send the payment proof via Whatsapp (+351910425951) or email at, at the latest, by the end of the medical consultation.


The certificate is issued after we verify the payment.

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